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Next-generation truck dispatching
Get OTR dispatch-as-a-service that generates higher gross and rate per mile for your trucking fleet.
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Full-service solution
Spotter is seamless to integrate and scales with your trucks. Just tell us your ELD provider and let us handle load selection, driver management, and broker updates.
Earn more. Pay less.

Higher gross and rate/mile

We dispatch trucks to more profitable markets by applying advanced data analytics to track trends in load-to-truck ratios and lane rates.

Lower cost

Reduce your overhead with our streamlined solution which outsources price discovery and automates broker updates.

Instant scalability

No more balancing your dispatch and driver operations. Get exactly the amount of dispatching instantly when you need it.
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Unlock the power of data
Spotter analyzes one million data points daily to identify the most profitable loads for your trucks.